Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Antique Frames and Curiosities

In my last post I described a painting I did of three Victorian Staffordshire toothbrush holders, and that I put the painting into an antique frame that enhanced the artwork beautifully.  I also mentioned that although I always have professional photos taken of all of my paintings, I rarely take a picture of them after I have framed them (photos including the frames are not useable for reproduction as greeting cards or prints, and it's technically difficult if glass is used).  This is kind of a shame, as I am meticulous about finding the perfect frame for each picture, and I often use wonderful antique frames that I have been collecting for years.  So, here are a few more examples of my paintings, in both gouache and oil, all framed in antique and vintage frames.  Some have sold, some live happily in my house, and some will be for sale in the upcoming East Bay Open Studios the first two weekends of June in Oakland.  Come to Open Studios in the Jack London Market Hall and see which is which!

Tiny frame from about 1900 with my equally tiny  oil of a garden snail.

American "Adirondack" frame, from the 1890's, with my gouache painting "Ohlone Oaks".  This one is covered in glass, so there's a bit of reflection.

Oil of an old abandoned railway track in Alameda, framed in an antique gilt frame found at an antique show.

German rustic Black Forest frame, from about 1900, with my varnished gouache of "The Eiger by Moonlight".

A small oil of Mulnomah Falls in Oregon, framed in a marvelous American "Tramp Art" rustic frame from  the early 20th century.

This tiny old gilded frame from Holland is a perfect match to my little oil "The Woodcutter's Hut".

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I'm working on producing as many new pieces as I can for the upcoming East Bay Open Studios happening the first two weekends in June.  One of my new oils is an homage to my beloved collection of antique Staffordshire transferware china.  I have three 1880's transferware toothbrush holders - all in use! - and I realized that a still life of the three in a row would be a fun project - especially as I had a rustic vintage Arts and Crafts frame with a long rectangular shape, perfect for the project. So, here are the results - first the picture unframed, painted in oils on heavy museum board:

and then, the completed oil in the antique frame I found for it, sitting on my kitchen table:

I always have professional photos taken of my paintings, but the frame often goes out the door with no record.  This one is special enough that it deserved recognition before it went to a new home!  By the way, speaking of that new home, a regular patron of mine who saw it in progress (and came up with the title too) bought it right off the easel!  So, one less for Open Studios - better get back to work...

I will be an exhibiting artist at East Bay Open Studios this June 6th (first Friday), 7th and 8th, and the following weekend June14th  and 15th, at the Jack London Square Market Hall, with over 50 other artists, at 55 Harrison Street in Oakland.  More information will follow, but save the dates!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lisa Haderlie Baker: Recent Work

I've been painting, but not being responsible about blogging in quite awhile, and I've decided it's time to post a few pictures of what I've been working on to let folks know I'm still alive!

ACCI Gallery, in the center of the Gourmet Ghetto in Berkeley, continues to exhibit my work: paintings in gouache and oil, and greeting cards too. I have been experimenting more in small oils, and framing them in gorgeous heavy frames, some antique. I've found that painting in oils on gessoed Museum Board makes for a smooth surface that can be cut to virtually any size, allowing for tiny oil paintings and odd-sized frames.

Below find two photos taken in ACCI recently. In addition to other artist's work in many media, you can see my oil Blackbird, Fly exhibited on the division wall of the gallery. The yellow gingko tree, painted in full December color, is in my neighborhood, but the landscape behind it is a kind of medieval-inspired dreamscape.

Here are a few of my small framed pieces, also displayed in ACCI, from left to right:  The White Stag, Pliny's Doves Redux, Datura by Moonlight, and The Woodcutter's Hut

I've been working on private commissions for paintings too, including a gouache portrait of two handsome Merced farm dogs - Roscoe and Jenny Under the Cedars - shown below,

and an oil of another beautiful farm in the Ozarks, commissioned by the family who lives there:

I will be participating again this year in East Bay Open Studios through ProArts Oakland, exhibiting framed paintings in gouache and oil, limited edition signed high-quality giclee prints, as well as an extensive selection of greeting cards of my paintings. I hope to get a studio space in the beautiful Market Hall in Jack London Square for the event, so come see me in June to see what else I've been up to! More on this later...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pugs Take to the Air!

Our new young pug, Don Diego, was adopted from Enchanted Pugs in Northern California. They commissioned me to immortalize Diego, his half brother Mater, and another family member Trinket as barnstormers.  Mater is the pilot (they apparently sit behind the passenger in biplanes - who knew?), Diego is the slightly worried-looking passenger in front, and Trinket stars as the daredevil lady wing walker!  I love doing "storybook" illustrations (as well as painting pugs!) so this was a very fun project for me.  Painted in gouache on rag paper, it now hangs in the Enchanted Pugs gallery...

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lisa's Winter and Christmas Greeting Cards Now In Stores

This year I returned to my British and Swiss roots, and created two new gouache paintings in the storybook style of European illustrators of the last century. I've also made greeting cards of a painting I did many years ago - in 1997 - when comet Hale-Bopp streaked across our night skies. My family and I were in Monterey visiting my parents that spring, and we drove to Asilomar Beach one night.  The breaking waves were softly illuminated by the stars and by the huge comet suspended above the sea - eery and magical. I got back in the car and did my initial sketches by the dome light as my daughters and husband gazed at the night sky and the silent, still, celestrial traveller suspended above us.

All of my winter season and Christmas greeting cards are now available in local East Bay card and gift shops, including Books Inc in Alameda, ACCI Gallery in Berkeley, Payn's Stationery on Solano in Berkeley, Red Wagon Collectibles in Alameda, The Framer's Workshop in Berkeley, and in Castle in the Air, also in Berkeley. Castle in the Air, on Fourth Street in Berkeley,  is a magically beautiful store, and they have an enchanting website too.  Here are a few pictures of the store and some of my greeting cards on the rack near the Christmas tree:

Here are some of my new greeting cards:

Winter Solstice

Roasting Apples

Comet Hale-Bopp above Asilomar Beach

Fox Squirrel in Gingko
(yes I know this doesn't seem particularly wintry, but in Central California
the gingko leaves turn bright yellow in December!)

And here are some of my Holiday greeting cards that were sold out and have been reprinted this year:

Christmas in Our Parlor

The Eiger by Moonlight

Winter Gifts

Early Spring

Winter Street

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lisa's artwork on the cover of the November East Bay Monthly!

The East Bay Monthly, a regional magazine "of commerce and culture", is renowned for its beautiful full-color covers featuring local artists' work, and I am very pleased to announce that my painting of The Plane Tree Allée at Sunset will be featured as their November 2012 cover image.  Published since 1970, The Monthly is the oldest independently owned East Bay publication. It has a distribution of over 80,000 copies throughout the Bay Area, and I am thrilled to become one of their long line of cover artists.

Copies are distributed at many bookstores, libraries, hotels, and restaurants at no charge, and you can find all of the drop points near you at the East Bay Monthly website under Circulation. Check out the Cover Archive page to see all of the amazing artwork they have featured on their covers over the years. Museum quality prints of all of these covers - including mine - can be ordered through the website too.

Here is the description in The Monthly of the image of The Plane Tree Allée:

The Plane Tree Allée at Sunset, Crab Cove, Alameda
(gouache on heavy rag paper)

Lisa Haderlie Baker, who lives and works in Alameda, has been a painter and illustrator for over 40 years. This painting is of a row of sycamores that extend along a path that used to be part of Neptune Beach in Alameda, a huge amusement park that had its heyday between the two world wars. Called the Coney Island of the West, it had public baths, dance halls, a huge saltwater swimming pool, and roller coasters.  Now all that is left of the rowdy Neptune Beach is this quiet path between the trees, and the view of the Bay…

Most of Lisa’s paintings are of quiet, mysterious  “secret” landscapes of the Bay Area, and especially of Alameda – old neighborhoods, quiet gardens and shorelines, often at sunset or twilight. Lisa’s work is in many private collections, and is also exhibited at ACCI Gallery in Berkeley, and at Vines Café and Gallery in Alameda. She has an extensive line of greeting cards printed from her paintings available at ACCI Gallery and Castle in the Air in Berkeley, and at Books Inc in Alameda, and regularly creates commissioned pieces.  See more of her work at her artist blog, manopanthea.blogspot.com, or contact her at manopanthea@yahoo.com

Monday, June 18, 2012

Open Studios and New Greeting Cards

The 2012 East Bay Open Studios, sponsored by ProArts the first two weekends of June, was a fun and successful event for me. I rented a space at the Jack London Square Pavilion in Oakland for both weekends, with 45 other artists in the same building, and it was a very lively venue, with lots of foot traffic all four days, and gorgeous weather helped too. I sold framed and unframed paintings, limited edition giclee prints on rag paper, inexpensive smaller prints, and many greeting cards. It was hard work, but definitely worth it, and there was never a dull moment. Having a space shared with lots of other talented artists - several of whom are friends - made it even more enjoyable.

Lisa Haderlie Baker in her space at East Bay Open Studios

So now I am introducing a brand new set of 22 greeting cards, which debuted at Open Studios, from my oil and gouache paintings! Many are of Alameda, where I live, but my subjects also include Stow Lake in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, Monterey Bay, Mare Island, a painting I did of Exmoor in Southern England, and some of my favorite animals.  A few are reprints of my most popular cards that have sold out, but most are new images.  They are currently available at Books Inc and Red Wagon Collectables in Alameda, ACCI Gallery in Berkeley, and at other venues soon.  They have blank interiors for your personal message, are printed on 100% recycled stock, folding to 4.25" x 6", include white envelopes, and are individually wrapped in a protective clear sleeve.

The 22 images are all reproduced below:

Abandoned Airfield, Alameda
Approaching Storm
The Chinese Pavilion, Stow Lake
The Seawall, Crab Cove, Alameda

December Evening, Mare Island


From The Alameda Ferry

Full Moon Over Crab Cove

The Garden Gate

Monterey Bay from Carmel Hill

Odd Goose Out: A Snow Among the Canadas

Ohlone Oaks

The Ready Reserve Ships at the Alameda Navy Piers

Study of a Beurre Hardy Pear

Study in Black and Fawn: The Artist's Pug

The Palms

The Oak at the End of the Road

Vallejo Ferry from Mare Island

Woodland Reverie

Belinda, The Red Hen

The Freshwater Lagoons at Crab Cove

The Plane Tree Allee